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Department of Tourism and Travel Management

About Us

Teaching objectives

Our school is located in eastern Taiwan in order to "Establish the county tourism" as the

development axis of Hualien County, the county is full of natural and cultural resources, tourism

leisure industries are booming.

Thus, In response to the Government of the tourism policy and the transformation of school

development, the second post of the travel department section was founded in August 2003.

in August 2005 established the department of Tourism Management Institute.

The Department has the lead in the professionalism of the principals, not only for the

establishment of the Ministry of Education, "International Youth Travel in East Taiwan

Promotion Center ", In December of 2004 we are the first entrusted with the Hualien County

government for the "the railway station and the Airport Tourist Service Center" , set the

Tourism Bureau department. Hualien county Tourist Service Center through our teachers and

students’ effort, the past two years visiting tourists has exceeded 20 million. As the service

motive on March 2 of 2007 issued by the Tourism Bureau "2007 good enthusiastic group

award." As a compliment

Meanwhile, the Department for the implementation of industry, government and academic

cooperation and to enhance students practical learning, students practice addition to 300 hours

of school courses and sandwich teaching courses, and open our students first visit overseas

internships, from 2004 onwards to Singapore , Malaysia and South Korea to study visit

In 2006 February, the department hosted for a national tour, "International cruise camp,"

by world famous Princess Cruises held in "Mexican Riviera" route, and well received by the

media community of praise.

Educational objectives of travel management Department in cultivating professional

managers, senior human resources and work towards a "Tourism Management" fields of

development, expected to strengthen the Eastern Taiwan counties of sightseeing tour in

professional services, and to help nurture local industry service manpower, to improve the

quality of local services and promote prosperity.

Research and characteristics of Development
The department of education philosophy, aims to cultivate an international perspective,

the lively, professional, dedicated service among the senior tour guide, leading groups

and tourism management personnel.
sandwich academia-industry cooperation through the implementation of industry-academia

interaction, deepening the learning community to create professional talent available.
adopt diversified teaching, offering school visit programs, hiring teachers with the technical

expertise to implement the "advanced technology" ideal technical and vocational education.
Hualien County Tourist Service Center be entrusted, training, implementation of the

Youth Commission Tour buddy service network, and with practical travel agents, international

youth promotion center in Eastern Taiwan tourism, tour guide training classroom, Library

and Information Tourism Centre, e-classroom Commentary bus tour operation, flight simulation

and other specialized aircraft cabin and classroom equipment.

To enhance the tourist area of academic standards, the teacher not only go to the United States

or Australian refreshment but also actively involved in each of the service learning opportunities,

academic research papers published and participate in special activities such as academic

lectures, to foster innovation and research culture


Teaching equipment (such as: Professional equipment, laboratory ...... etc.)
Travel e-classroom, internships Travel service, Tourism geographic information center, tourism

audio-visual center, Tour guided classrooms, Aviation Simulation classrooms.
Guidance obtain the following licenses:
a. foreign language tour guides, tour guide license
b. Chinese language tour guides, tour guide license
c. Travel agent ticketing staff
d. flight attendants


Prospect Development

Studies pipeline
Pipe flow studies, may major in relevant studies in others university or go abroad.

Employment Development
Diversity employment opportunities after graduation, employment enterprises, including tourism,

transportation, convention and exhibition. Aviation industry and sports tourism industry.

In addition to the grassroots cadres as a business, it can also engage in marketing planning,

planning, design, research and development and so on. And counseling contractors obtain the

Tourism Bureau of tour, the tour guide license.

Curriculum planning
Four years studies

(including the day department, education department, serving special classes)

The curriculum planning process of the two parts:


1. Travel Industry Management Program
For the travel operation and management (OP operations, air ticket booking, and travel

planning) and external work (tourism marketing and skills) should have an independent operation

and management capabilities.
2. Tour guide interpretation Program
History and geography and other countries apart from strengthening the understanding of culture,

the tour guide to learning courses (Introduction to and practice of interpretation practice,

the design team activities, practices, guides and English, and Japanese conversation, etc.)
3. Professional management

To nurture students to become the travel industry in the future high-level managerial staff,

the students should attend management, financial management, human resources management

and the travel industry and related professional courses).
4. Human Services Concept

Develop the concept of service awareness, through the concept of the right to upgrade service

quality, and enhance and improve services technology, compulsory service management and

business ethics related courses (consumer behavior, tourism disputes and crisis management,

tourism, culture and indigenous culture and art, etc.).

Two years studies (including the day the Department, serving special classes)

Tourist travel business and knowledge
• The student shall established the basic geography, history, national culture, and travel agency

business, work (for example: OP operations, air ticket booking, itinerary, travel sales techniques,

tour guide and tourism geography etc. ) the basic concept .